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Cultural trips to Morocco


Morocco is an endowed land with natural landscapes diversity. It is one of the World best Travel destinations, historically, culturally, and socially rewarding. Evidently, by joining any of our Group Tours and activities or entrust us to customize a private trip for you upon your request, we assure you will be rewarded an experience to treasure for a lifetime. You will visit a country which is a combination between a European Grid and Mediterranean zest for life in North Africa. The best music, best cuisine, and more importantly genuine hospitality that surpasses any precedent. We offer a variety of Morocco tours from classic historical culturally oriented Imperial Cities with diverse activities for all, to Berber small villages and wards for natural encounters and active tours hiking and trekking in the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. You can walk, hike, trek and interestingly encounter locals to grasp the Moroccan culture and feel the essence of your Morocco adventure trip. Do not be just a tourist be a traveler, an explorer and a pioneer of what the concept of travel is all about. We have another option for our visitors who are in the neighborhood, namely Spain. Our trips of Morocco from Spain can be your best introduction to a country replete with magic and charm. Only eight miles separates Morocco from Spain at the Strait of Gibraltar and you are in Tangier a three thousand years old city with so much history, charm, and exotism. Morocco from Spain tours are designed for all kind of travelers. Traveling to Morocco will give you the ultimate grip on ancient history, most importantly the Moors of royal cities and the Berbers of the Atlas Mountains and the far eastern steppes. Our Morocco discounted trips in this luminous and happy country, possessing some of the highest mountains on the continent, and is laced with fertile plateaus and plains giving way to the Atlantic Ocean, it is home to the ancient cedar forests of the Atlas Mountains north of the country and largest Argan forest in south of Morocco. It is home to the most spectacular dunes of The Sahara desert at Erg Cheguaga, M'Hamid el Ghouzlane, Merzouga and Erg Chebbi, thousands of Miles of unlimited desert Terrain to explore.  Not to forget visiting great fertile farmland visiting the lowlands of the west, arts, crafts, and music among tribes of Berber and Bedouins you will cross while traveling on any of our overland Morocco tours.  Discover Morocco fine wines and cuisine in all of our cultural walking tours at everyone's budget.

tours to Morocco and Spain


Spain the beautiful, Spain where the meaning of life takes a different dimension, Spain is at once a land of stoics and mystics, of poets and painters, of dreamers and realists. Spain is the destination to travel to for all. Come and visit this great country in any of cultural or adventure tours. Join our small group tours or private FITs if you are an independent traveler. In fact, by traveling to Spain one witnesses its intricate tapestry of colors and shapes thru its Christian Cities or Islamic Cities. Any visitor especially traveling in our tours to Spain will understand why the Moors referred to it as "the ultimate paradise on earth." It is our intent to help travelers booking any of our tours in Spain to experience the magic and mystic aura of this captivating destination that offers the best vacations for everyone. Also combining Spain and Morocco will be a great trip to unlock the magic and mystery for you to encounter such peoples with an immeasurable zest for life. Their loyal friendship and unsurpassed hospitality are worth taking one of our tours. The Spanish music and dance, arts and architecture, wines and cuisine in great diversity and variation make Spain one of the best countries in the world to visit. Not to forget the pride Spanish people well-exhibited in Flamenco music and Dance. If Tourism has been booming in Spain for decades, it only proves that this destination and Spanish culture have a lot to offer to all kind of travelers from around the globe. A spectrum of cultural, adventure, spiritual and artistic tour itineraries are available for you to choose from at Morocco Discoveries. Escorted and guided small group tours to Spain for savvy travelers or customized trips are offered to you to choose the best vacation in Spain. For those who discriminate against group tours, we have reserved the right for them to have this option of customizing their own private tour for a small family journey. Kids also have a lot to enjoy in Spain. Spain is a country to explore during the day in all you can think of, but one has to save some energy for the nightlife as it is very vibrant here. To grasp the essence of Spanish life you can't help it but becoming Spanish for your journey. We invite you to join our tours of Morocco from Spain and enjoy our best cultural tours and activities...

Portugal Trips and Vacations


Our trips in Portugal will take you to a world of marvels to realize your dream vacation. Portugal is unique and marvelous in its own way humble and affordable. Though it has a lot to share with Morocco and Spain at the same time it is different than both of these neighboring countries. Portugal has different language, different history and different mentality. The Iberian Peninsula is a unique part of our wonderful world with so much natural beauty and enticing history, not to forget unique architecture and music to explore. Portugal at the extreme west of Iberia is one of Europe's oldest countries. Historically, geographically and mythically, it is the farthest land where the sun sets and sunk in the Ocean of Mystery, the Atlantic Ocean. Nature has offered Portugal by the most enticing landscapes that vary in every horizon. Not to forget the nobleness and the unrivaled hospitality of the Portuguese people especially traveling from south up northward of the country. A country that has give birth to some of most renown discoverers and pioneers, geographers and curious travelers is now open to tourism with all vacation activities. This is a culture that knows how to enjoy the potency of life as a whole and day to day in particular, humble in its present and proud of its past. Faithful to its traditions yet open to new winds of progress and modernity. Our Travel agency offers cheap travel in Portugal, Morocco and Spain discounted tours, all combined as they are historically and culturally so entwined. You can book one of our tours in Portugal to travel with people like yourself to share memorable moments and learn about a unique culture reserved to Portugal. Join us on a journey to explore the heritage of Vasco de Gama, Magellan sipping Portuguese wine and listening to Fado music. Such is the reality of touring in Portugal. Mark it in your calendar of travel. Make it your next trip to visit Portugal with us. Our travel agents specialists will assure you the best services and the best prices over any tour operator. Please note that we also provide special discounted tours to Morocco and Spain from Portugal.

Music Festival tours in Morocco and Spain


The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is a world event that is created to harness the arts and spirituality in the service of human and social development, emphasizing the relationship between peoples and cultures. The Fes Festival explores the vast repertoire of sacred music and rhythms created across the globe since the dawn of time. The 25th Annual Festival will take place in the holy city of Fes opening on June 22 and continuing through June 12, 2020. The theme is (the Spirit of Africa) a special tribute to the era of Muslim Moorish Spain, the era of Tolerance and Coexistence. Our Tour to fez festival is the most rewarding for savvy travelers who also are seeking a budget discounted trip.

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Explore Marrakech

Discover what is beautiful, peaceful, and magic. Come and explore the lush gardens of Marrakech, the best man-made oasis. Enjoy the best restaurants the kingdom has to offer. Stay in best hotels and legendary riads. Shop at the most exciting souks on the planet with your budget. Have fun in Marrakech!

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Excursions from Fez...

Explore the ancient, the exceptional and the mysterious city of Fez from Spain. We invite you to experience and share the daily life of Moroccan families that have open their doors to welcome you among them in their charming home in the Medina. a trip made for you, Cheap, discounted to meet your budget.

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Music of Morocco Tour

One of the most important aspects of the Moroccan culture is music, emphasized on every occasion in order to display thoughts and feelings that are impossible to put into words. This otherworldly discounted journey will introduce you to a world of spirituality and beauty that transcends religion, as you absorb an atmosphere replete with authentic Moroccan music and culture. Make it a dream vacation and an experience of a lifetime.