Tours in Morocco and Spain

Bespoke Trips to Morocco from Spain...

Our fully guided and escorted group and bespoke tours will cover special cultural travel programs in Morocco, Spain and Portugal. Morocco is a culturally rich, exotic, majestic country that sits at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There is no place on earth quite like it. Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture as you experience the amazing sights, ancient sounds and intoxicating scents unique to this magical country. You will be treated to local music, a drumming workshop, walking tours, traditional mint-tea ceremonies, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with locals.

You will travel as a group tour or private independent FIT in deluxe chauffeured vehicles from Spain to Morocco across the straight of Gibraltar through a coastline bathed in Mediterranean breezes to explore ancient Roman ruins, walk through the olive grove filmed in (The Last Temptation of Christ), take an easy hike near the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, explore Berber villages, camp in a beautiful Sahara tent encampment among the local Tuaregs Bedouins (Blumen) and shop in bustling, ancient marketplaces.

Infact at Morocco Discoveries, Inc, we offer the best tour programs to explore the reality of our destinations Morocco and Spain. On our tours our groups will not only visit historic and cultural places but participate in the daily life and interact with locals. We offer in our tours different activities from cooking classes to music parties or spiritual gatherings. If you are a socially aware and experienced traveler who wants to see the real Morocco a land of adventure and enticement our tours in Morocco or Spain are made for you.

When one thinks of touring in Morocco, Spain always comes to mind as they are in proximity also share thousand of years history. Spain is more culturally African than European. It is one of most exotic and remote country in Western Europe. It is located on the Iberian, and it is the westernmost country of Europe, being bordered by Portugal to the west and south by the Mediterranean and Morocco, east by France. Spain attracts millions of tourists each year. The main tourist areas are, by order of importance, the Greater Costa del Sol, Costa Brava all the way up to Barcelona. The Imperial Cities of the Moors and Catholic Kings such as Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada, Toledo, Madrid, Malaga, and Segovia, the way Saint James de Compostela (El Camino de Santiago) has always attracted thousands of pilgrims who walk each year from the borders of France all the way Compostella. Galicia is also a province unique to the rest of Spain by most Spanish of Spain in Andalucia in the southern part of this country. It is by far the most vibrant most rewarding and most exotic in every aspect of Spanish existence. Andalusia has been a traditionally agricultural region, compared to the rest of Spain and the rest of Europe. However, the growth of the community especially in the sectors of industry and services was above average in Spain and higher than many communities in the eurozone. The region has, however, a rich culture and a strong cultural identity. Many cultural phenomena that are seen internationally as distinctively Spanish are largely or entirely Muslim Andalusian in origin. These include flamenco Music, Bullfighting, gastronomic famous staples, and with certainty the Muslim influenced lifestyle of Andalusian people without forgetting Islamic architectural styles.

The cherry triangle from Cadiz to Jerez de la Frontera is known for its cherry liquor and best Spanish thoroughbred horses. Castilla la Mancha is the land of castles. It is mostly in this region where the story of the famous Spanish novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes is situated, due to which La Mancha is internationally well-known. Although La Mancha is a windswept, battered plateau, it remains a symbol of Spanish culture with its vineyards, sunflowers, mushrooms, olive plantations, windmills, Manchego Cheese and Don Quixote. Unsurpassed in natural beauty, the cost line and rural active travel inside the country farmland. Spain give travelers a one-of-a-kind experience as they discover a wide array of cultural regions each with a distinguished character, which differ tremendously, yet share an affinity for hospitality and friendliness. Our extraordinary trips and Group or private tours in Spain whether cultural, spiritual or educational will bring you so close to the Spanish history, architecture, people and their culture. When one thinks of the beauty of the coastline and characteristic fishing villages, White Andalusian villages, Spain should immediately spring to mind, offering some of the most impressive seaports and picturesque towns. Additionally, its indigenous people who offer thought-provoking insight into ancient cultures unique to Spain. Our affordable tours of Spain, group or individual FITs parties will be extremely rewarding for you.