In the southeast of Morocco, the city of Merzouga, which is nicknamed by tourists as “Bahr El Remal” and “Durrat Al-Maghribia Desert”, is 130 km from the city of Errachidia, which has vast sandy areas that visitors intend to cure rheumatic disease. 22 kilometers long and five kilometers wide, the opportunity to reflect on the change of sand colors according to the change in daylight, especially when squaring at the top of these dunes, which are the highest in Morocco, most of the people of Merzouga find their simplicity away from the hustle of contemporary life, especially thanks to traditional music and generosity Hospitality and other things that people inherited from their ancestors. 

When we talk about the history of the city and its inhabitants, we discover that the area was in the past uninhabited and constituted a transit point for merchants heading to Timbuktu in Mali or those coming from it, as well as belonging to a desert bloc called “Erg Chebbi”, with unique natural, ethnographic and historical characteristics, as well as It formed the arrival point for the desert trade caravans (gold-slave trade) that connected the Mediterranean basin to the countries of sub-Saharan Africa. Mentioned in writings Senior travelers such as Ibn Battuta and the African ion.

And the climate of Merzouga is hot and it is clear from the shape of the desert how difficult it is to live in, but it shows us a steadfast human experience over the centuries. In the summer, Merzouga, with a population of about 3000 people, is a shrine for a large number of tourists, and while mentioning the name of the bath is associated with water, Merzouka enables you to Bathing in the sand, if you suffer from joint disease, its nature is a tourist source in terms of hospital, exploratory, and sports tourism, all year round, so tourists flock to the village asking for recovery from various joint diseases, in the dunes hollow embraced by the temperatures and the heat of the sand.

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