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Merzouga Dunes in Morocco

Stunning! Beautiful! Breathtaking! This piece of the desert situated in eastern Morocco is a place to enjoy with out getting too far in the wilderness of the Sahara. Merzouga in Arabic means Bestowed. Indeed it is by its beautiful landscape, its proximity to every traveler seeking the unsurpassed charm of the desert, its people, their simplicity, generosity and modesty. whether Berbers of Ait Atta tribe, Arabs of Tafilallet or Touareg nomads, they all enjoy life in this oasis nestled in the cathedral of nature surrounded by an ocean of golden dunes. Merzouga in fact lives up to its name. These desert dwellers prayed for an oasis of abundance in the midst of the desert, God has granted their wish and gave them Merzouga. “Bestowed”!

Walk in the footsteps of antiquity through the palm groves of the oasis, share a mint tea over the roof top of these adobe houses over looking the suspended gardens like once upon a time in Mesopotamia, or simply ride your camel for a sunset or even a sunrise over these voluptuous dunes that some of them exceed 800 feet of hight. Surely, you are going to reach an experience to be unmatched for the rest of your life. A unique memory in a unique place. Keep it Paradise!

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Morocco is so well known, yet to be discovered



Hi, my name is Hamid Mernissi president and founder of Morocco Discoveries. I’m exited to share with you my knowledge and introduce you to Morocco.

As America’s oldest friend and ally. Morocco enjoys to be the first country to recognize the independence of the US and holds the longest unbroken peace treaty in the American archives.
Morocco is also a great place to visit in the ancient world of the Mediterranean. Its history traced back to the Greek mythology with remnants of Neolithic time with Arab and Berber exoticism stimulating every sense. Far in time distinguished culture yet so close. Only a six and a half hour flight separates you from a world of marvels.

Why Morocco Discoveries

Since the early 1990 Morocco Discoveries & Tours has been proudly introducing Spain, Morocco and Portugal  to travelers from all part of the Us and Canada, many dignitaries and respectable personalities have used our services such as the Clinton’s, Senator Graham the outspoken John McLaughlin and many more. Sarah tours was also featured in the NY times, NPR, National Geographic and the best seller travel book 1000 places to see before you die,among others.

Planning your trip to Morocco

We Offer tours beyond the scheme of ordinary tourism. Emphasizing on the culture and history, giving each of our travelers the chance to embrace the real Morocco.  From cultural, adventure or spiritual tours Our selection will offer you a wide choice of well studied journeys, all these programs can also be customized to fit your needs. We invite you to browse through our tour itineraries and contact us should you have any question or inquires. Thank you again for your time. We hope to welcome you among us in Morocco.

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Innovative Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco and Spain
The regional tourism project 2020 Vision in Morocco is finally sealed.  Four touristic regions positioned themselves for Cultural Tourism, two on balneal tourism and the remaining two on nature active tourism.  The details of each zone are as follow:
For a few months, one has felt a will to accelerate the building sites of the sector of tourism. The department of supervision activates itself to advance the already started projects, to launch of them others and also prepares with Tourism conference which will take place on December 5 under the topic of the large tourist poles. One of the principal innovations consists of the signature of the regional programs Contracts (CPR) which lay down the main trends of the tourist development of each area in Morocco, found the means to implement and draw up the structuring projects to realize the function of the 2020 Vision. The Moroccan Company of Tourist Engineering (SMIT) was charged to find the ways and means to implement and design the structuring projects to realize for this function. The Moroccan Company of Tourist Engineering (SMIT) was charged to lead the dialogues to the communal, provincial and regional level for the establishment of these documents which, today, are almost finalized. This entity armed with the ministry for Tourism, person in charge for the design and development of the various components of the Moroccan tourist product, has the ambition to give a new breath in the sector by the stimulation of the private initiative and the encouragement of the public-private partnership.  After the phases of planning and implementation, of dialogue of the produced shutter… which last since the beginning of the year 2011, the public actors agreed on the positioning of the eight tourist territories.  For Imad Barrakad, directing generals of the SMIT, all the territories are important and will be followed with the same degree of vigilance and implication. It specifies nevertheless that “territories (Agadir and Marrakech) require a consolidation and an enrichment of the product. Others require more efforts to make them emerge”. It is the case for example Fès/Meknès pole or Reduction/Casablanca. By polishing this new “product” policy then, Morocco hopes, by the way, to improve the durations of sojourning  and the rate of return for first time visitors. In Marrakech, to take only that city in example, it is animation (theatre, swimming pools…) who will have to be put at the center of the investments rather than the construction of new establishments. There would be in fact already enough. It is what makes say to this professional that the State should better control this market by controlling or limiting the authorizations temporarily to build hotels.
by Hamid Mernissi
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