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Culinary art of Morocco

They said that there are three cuisines in the world that topping all, French cuisine, chineese cuisine and Moroccan cuisine, but not in this order…

Moroccan cuisine is taking westerners especially in North America by a storm. It is indeed most recognized for those who are more into adequate, healthy and balanced diet. Moroccan cuisine is not only diverse and esthetic but also very health when it is done properly.

We do offer cooking classes in most of our tours in Morocco.

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History of Morocco in the Moorish Time

The History of Morocco goes up to the caveman era over 120 000 years ago. Remnants of this era is yet to be explored as these caves exist basically in every valley along the Atlantic shore and in the Atlas Mountains and Valleys. Even the Neanderthal has his contribution in the blessed land called Morocco. later on in time the Berbers, natives of North Africa brought this part of the ancient world to uncountable encounters with biblical history. The Neolithic era is known to be the most documented in Morocco and North Africa in general. Judaism is first monotheistic religion to be introduced by the Jews who came first as merchants in Phoenician vessels later on as the last tribe who came via the Sahara wondering to settle in the Southeast of Morocco after the destruction of the Solomon temple. Romans brought Christianity and the Arabs sealed the deal with Islam. All the three religions have significantly contributed to the development of human intellect in this part of the world. Later to be recognized by its unsurpassed reality that shaped the world today, namely the Moorish Civilization…

by Hamid Mernissi.

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Travel to Morocco from Poland

Morocco: A Favorite Destination for Polish Tourists
Rabat – The number of Polish tourists that visited Morocco in 2014 was 64,650. This marks an increase of 35%, compared to 2013.

While the number of vacation bookings from France to Morocco decreased by 60% in January, Polish tourism in Morocco increased by 25%. The same positive trend was recorded for February 2014.

In 2014, Polish tourists spent 350,000 nights in Morocco, compared to 2013, in which Polish tourists spent 246,422 nights in Morocco. This is an increase of 42%.

The Moroccan National Tourist Office, in partnership with the Embassy of Morocco, presented a station at the 22nd annual event for tourism “Glob Fair” in Katowice, Poland. Representatives of Morocco were steadily busy providing information and answering questions from the Polish attendees. There is a great interest regarding the tourist attractions Morocco has to offer.

Many individuals from Poland show great interest in the city of Agadir, for it’s beautiful beaches and sunny days.

For Morocco, the Polish market has become the first in Eastern and Central Europe, in terms of visitors. The Moroccan National Tourist Office has implemented an action plan to boost sales in this market, with a goal of attracting 100,000 Polish tourists by 2018.

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