Innovative Tourism in Morocco

Tourism in Morocco and Spain
The regional tourism project 2020 Vision in Morocco is finally sealed.  Four touristic regions positioned themselves for Cultural Tourism, two on balneal tourism and the remaining two on nature active tourism.  The details of each zone are as follow:
For a few months, one has felt a will to accelerate the building sites of the sector of tourism. The department of supervision activates itself to advance the already started projects, to launch of them others and also prepares with Tourism conference which will take place on December 5 under the topic of the large tourist poles. One of the principal innovations consists of the signature of the regional programs Contracts (CPR) which lay down the main trends of the tourist development of each area in Morocco, found the means to implement and draw up the structuring projects to realize the function of the 2020 Vision. The Moroccan Company of Tourist Engineering (SMIT) was charged to find the ways and means to implement and design the structuring projects to realize for this function. The Moroccan Company of Tourist Engineering (SMIT) was charged to lead the dialogues to the communal, provincial and regional level for the establishment of these documents which, today, are almost finalized. This entity armed with the ministry for Tourism, person in charge for the design and development of the various components of the Moroccan tourist product, has the ambition to give a new breath in the sector by the stimulation of the private initiative and the encouragement of the public-private partnership.  After the phases of planning and implementation, of dialogue of the produced shutter… which last since the beginning of the year 2011, the public actors agreed on the positioning of the eight tourist territories.  For Imad Barrakad, directing generals of the SMIT, all the territories are important and will be followed with the same degree of vigilance and implication. It specifies nevertheless that “territories (Agadir and Marrakech) require a consolidation and an enrichment of the product. Others require more efforts to make them emerge”. It is the case for example Fès/Meknès pole or Reduction/Casablanca. By polishing this new “product” policy then, Morocco hopes, by the way, to improve the durations of sojourning  and the rate of return for first time visitors. In Marrakech, to take only that city in example, it is animation (theatre, swimming pools…) who will have to be put at the center of the investments rather than the construction of new establishments. There would be in fact already enough. It is what makes say to this professional that the State should better control this market by controlling or limiting the authorizations temporarily to build hotels.
by Hamid Mernissi

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    Mmm.. mint tea. We visited a cnletuoss number of area rug carpet shops while in Morocco, and at each and every place, we were greeted with mint tea. Initially, it was delicious.. but the aftermath was a bit surprising :).Best,Suz (a.k.a. Lil’ Boozie)

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