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Morocco a bridge between East and West

Taking any tour in Morocco is stepping back in time without missing anything modernity has to offer. It is all there, your travel time machine will start in Casablanca. All you can imagine of the modern world including heavy traffic and noticeable greed. travel towards Fez by Casablanca to Moulay Idriss, Meknes will gradually take you to medieval time. Fez is the city of Islam, the intellect and the heart beat of Morocco. Crossing the Atlas Mountains is to discover life out of the neolithic era. the Sahara desert at the foothills of these mountains is timeless. Cultures that would take you to Mesopotamia and its hanging gardens, sun baked bricks and lush oases. Travel to Morocco is in itself an experience yet an adventure that would enrich your life. Arts and crafts, music and dance, sacred and spiritual are year around festivals in Morocco.

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Morocco is so well known, yet to be discovered



Hi, my name is Hamid Mernissi president and founder of Morocco Discoveries. I’m exited to share with you my knowledge and introduce you to Morocco.

As America’s oldest friend and ally. Morocco enjoys to be the first country to recognize the independence of the US and holds the longest unbroken peace treaty in the American archives.
Morocco is also a great place to visit in the ancient world of the Mediterranean. Its history traced back to the Greek mythology with remnants of Neolithic time with Arab and Berber exoticism stimulating every sense. Far in time distinguished culture yet so close. Only a six and a half hour flight separates you from a world of marvels.

Why Morocco Discoveries

Since the early 1990 Morocco Discoveries & Tours has been proudly introducing Spain, Morocco and Portugal  to travelers from all part of the Us and Canada, many dignitaries and respectable personalities have used our services such as the Clinton’s, Senator Graham the outspoken John McLaughlin and many more. Sarah tours was also featured in the NY times, NPR, National Geographic and the best seller travel book 1000 places to see before you die,among others.

Planning your trip to Morocco

We Offer tours beyond the scheme of ordinary tourism. Emphasizing on the culture and history, giving each of our travelers the chance to embrace the real Morocco.  From cultural, adventure or spiritual tours Our selection will offer you a wide choice of well studied journeys, all these programs can also be customized to fit your needs. We invite you to browse through our tour itineraries and contact us should you have any question or inquires. Thank you again for your time. We hope to welcome you among us in Morocco.

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