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We invite you to check our spiritual tours and retreats to Morocco. You will enjoy a ten days Fez festival of sacred music inviting spiritual speakers from around the world to share the beauty of the approach of Sacred music in universal inclusiveness and co-existence. This is a great music festival portraying the Sufi Islamic Philosophy and all faiths and spiritual paths portraying fraternity and tolerance. Join our Fez Sacred music festival retreats and spiritual tours to discover another aspect of Morocco's cultural encounters in depth.

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Our Morocco tour to Fez sacred music festival is an offering of shared blissful moments, through the medium of devotional music from around the globe, known to all human hearts and understood as a universal sacred language of the soul. This festival of world sacred music is born out of two elements, the encounter of people from diverse areas, a rich variety of specialties, and its site, Fez, a renowned spiritual metropolis. Ancient cultures and sacred traditions are vividly engraved in the memories of this ethereal city. Fez has a rich and warm social life that one can harmoniously encounter in the heart of this world-class gathering to all our Morocco tours. The World Sacred Music Tour is unlike any other spiritual music tour to Morocco. It is a journey to the sacred, it is a transformative trip that you would cherish for the rest of your life as much as a healing prayer for all humanity on this planet. Join our Morocco tour in the spirit of the sacred to enjoy moments of contemplation and music of the heart from the four corners of the planet. This Sacred Music tour is at all budgets from the shoestring budget to luxury. Welcome to a Spiritual Journey to Morocco at its most sacred city of Fes. You will love the 2021sacred music lineup for the Fez festival. Welcome to Fez world sacred music festival.

The World Sacred Music Festival of Fez has not only the gift to identify a spiritual and artistic patrimony of exceptional wealth, but also to open the thought on what could be the benefit of this patrimony on the heart of the Moroccan society today. Universal sacred doctrines of all spiritual faiths can also inspire on a global level, some new approaches for concrete maneuvers of peace mediations and for the development of mutual dialogues between religions and cultures. The Fez world sacred music festival can contribute as well as promote and diffuse throughout the world, particularly in a troubled era, the message of peace, universality, and spirituality registered in the heart of Islam. Join our Tours and retreats to the 27th annual world sacred music festival of Fez scheduled for 2021


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