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Welcome to Mauritania tours based on cultural and active encounters. When one thinks of exploring the Sahara desert and the daily life of its inhabitants, Mauritania should immediately come to mind. We offer some of the most impressive Sahara camel treks in Mauritania. To take one of our group tours to Mauritania is to treat yourself to in-depth cultural encounters. These cultural encounters will entice you and change your perspective forever, especially if you travel on one of our goodwill tours to Mauritania. Our Maurtania’s goodwill sustainable tours cover some of the most dramatic parts of this destination untouched by regular tourists. Come and join our Mauritania small group tours or customized private FITs just for you. Bedouins who dwell in the Sahara Desert have long fascinated ethnologists, as they represent cultures unchanged by time. Additionally, our indigenous populations of Berbers and Moors offer a thought-provoking insight into ancient cultures that differ remarkably from your own. All of our tours to Mauritania have excellent native guides, who will enhance your trips experience through our cultural travel programs.

Exploring a cultural or an overland tour to Mauritania is like taking a Sahara Desert romantic discovery. Traveling across Mauritania is stepping on a piece of Subsaharan Africa that does not belong to the reality of the Sahara, the largest desert on Earth. The particulars about Mauritania, are its diverse arid desert landscapes where water is scarce: Ocean of golden dunes, petrified forests that belong to another planet, dramatic rock formation, lush oases and most rugged promontory cliffs that drop abruptly into the Atlantic Ocean. All these Sahara landscapes and natural sceneries with a feeling of complete isolation surge before your eyes on every horizon. Our tours and expeditions to Mauritania will remind of the adventurous soul you ignored in you. You always wanted to enjoy the most untraveled camel caravan trade paths in the Sahara Desert. Diversity of landscapes to take your breath away, desert life at its best and hospitable people Bedouin and nomads with best world smile and biggest hearts. Nouadhibou's colorful markets are enticing and vibrant cultural encounters. Discover Mauritania's capital of Nouakchott for an authentic sophistication of Sub-Saharan architecture and ways of life.

Mauritania is a destination to satisfy the curious, adventurous, and savvy traveler with all sorts of physical active and cultural activities, eco-friendly and goodwill expeditions you will treasure for a lifetime. Mauritania is indeed a complete package for adventurous and active travelers or nature-loving enthusiasts. Our sustainable and goodwill Mauritania's expeditions and tours offer a spectrum of itineraries beyond the scope of other tour operators. Come and join us in one of our trans-Sahara cultural tours and treks to Mauritania with a small group, or call on us to custom design a private expedition just for you. You will love Mauritania as one of the best West African adventure overland expeditions destinations. We also offer overland tours for small groups or private parties From Spain to Morocco, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin and Ghana, and much more. The best cost is guaranteed for our Mauritania group tours and customized expeditions. Mauritania sustainable Travel to Feed Programs are what we wish to promote for 2022/2023.

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Luxury Tours

Allaow us to introduce to you the best of Mauritania history and culture with our Luxury private tours, discover our choice of Best luxury boutique hotels, Restaurants and Palaces Mauritania has to offer.


Explore our Mauritania eco-tours walking, hiking, trekking untouched trails, camel riding in breathtaking landscapes of the Sahara desert. Discover our sustainable and green responsible Mauritania Eco-tours at all budgets.


Enjoy Sub-Saharan cuisine by taking a cooking classes with Mauritania renowned chefs to learn about the secrets of the traditional Mauritanian staples, desert spices, preserves, medicinal herbs and condiments to enrich your life. Enjoy a sand bath, music gatherings, or simply mingle with locals in Mauritnia.

Spirituality in Travel

Here is another trend few can offer. Another dimension of Mauritania spiritual tours self growth by visiting venerated places with eminent stoics and Sufi Masters. Take a unique Mauritania spiritual journeys and retreats you will treasure for a lifetime.

Events and festivals

Journey with us to visit Mauritania special fairs of holy saints, take our tours to Tabaski, an important holidays on the Islamic calender, and therefore Mauritanian calendar. Diwali, held annually in November and celebrated by the Hindu community living in Mauritania, Diwali is a celebration of light over darkness and good over evil. It is to celebrate the arrival of spring in Mauritania with many festivities after the religious rituals including dancing, music and fireworks.

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