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Welcome to our classic eight days cultural and historic tour to Tunisia. It is cultural, active, and spiritual, as you can enjoy all travel activities of your interest in Tunisia. Cultural sights of Carthage, Kairouan (AL Qayrawan) El Jem, and Tunis. Welcome to Tunisia's small group of cultural travel and tours. This Tunisia Group tour has is scheduled for 2022 and 2023 with frequent departures.

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Welcome to our Tunisia cultural tours in-depth. Join our group cultural tour or contact us for a Tunisia customized tour just for you. Our cultural and historical Tunisia tours will live up to your expectations with even more rewarding travel discoveries and incentives. Looking forward to creating wonderful memories with you on these in-depth Tunisia cultural tours scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

Kairouan was the Tunisia capital for five centuries was a place of outstanding learning center of diffusion of Arabo-Muslim civilization. Kairouan bears unique witness to the first centuries of this Islamic settlement in Tunisia with a thriving civilization, a new style of architectural and urban development that gives Tunisia a cultural aspect different than any other Mediterranean destination. The inscribed site of Al Qayrawan is a serial property that includes the medina (Old City) and its neighborhoods, the water reservation Basins of the Aghlabids Dynasty, and the Gates and markets, schools, and Sufi Zawiyas. The medina (54 ha) and its suburbs (20 ha) are an urban ensemble presenting all the components of a cultural amalgamation of North African Arab-Turkish town. Taking a culturally guided tour at Kairouan is like stepping into an ancient sophisticated world of arts and crafts with a zest for life.

The medina comprises juxtaposed dwellings divided into quarters separated by medieval blind alleys, narrow and winding streets; as in most of the North African cultural cities, a fortifying wall will serve to protect the city from intruders. Kairouan ramparts extend over more than three kilometers. The medina contains some remarkable monuments including the Great Mosque, an architectural masterpiece that served as a model for several other Maghreban spiritual and cultural centers. The Mosque of the Three Doors represents the most ancient existent sculpted facade of Muslim art. The Basins of the Aghlabids, an open-air reservoir formed by two communicating cisterns that date back to the 9th century, constitute one of the most beautiful hydraulic ensembles conceived to provide water to the town. Tunisia tours to remember forever. Sign up for this Tunisia trip, you will be enchanted.


Day 1: Arrival to Tunis

Welcome to Tunisia tours and discoveries. Upon your arrival at Tunis Airport, you will meet your tour leader who will transfer you to your hotel in Tunis. After lunch, your local guide will take you on a cultural and historic tour exploring the marvels of Tunis, Carthage. A former palace, the Bardo Museum accommodates the finest repository of Roman mosaics in the world. The afternoon will be devoted to visiting the principal cultural and historic sites of Carthage, the capital of the Punic (or Carthaginian) world, and later the second city in the western Roman Empire after Rome. We have the best informed Tunisian guides who not only enlighten your Tunisia cultural encounter with history but also with cultural layers of this ancient destination walking with you everywhere and answering your questions with accuracy about all that is cultural Tunisia to your interest.

Day 2: Tunis walking tour

On our second of our Tunisia trip, you will enjoy a day exploring the marvels of Tunis's historic and cultural discovery with your local guide. Tunis Medina is the quintessentially model of a typical Islamic city vibrant with a maze of narrow alleys crammed with ancient buildings, covered markets from the scorching sun, public fountains, and Koranic schools, arches, and beautiful gates. In the midst of the Great Mosque of 9th-century origin, one of North Africa’s most significant Islamic buildings. The rest of the day is free for wandering the Medina or relaxing at the hotel. In the evening a private visit to the Ennejma Ezzahra (Splendid Star), built by master craftsmen in the 1900s as a home for the Baron Rodolphe d’Erlanger, in homage to his passion for the Middle East. It is now a museum and the Centre for Arab and Mediterranean Music. Overnight Tunis.

Day 3: Udna -Thuburbo - Zaghouane - Kairouan

After breakfast, we will travel overland to Kairouan visiting the way the ancient sites of Carthaginian, Roman, and Islamic highlight of historic importance. Visit the Roman site of Athina, a chance to see several good quality mosaics in situ. The amphitheater has underground vaulted cells that still witness the echo of ancient civilizations. Thuburbo Majus is a typical Roman city model, with a colonnaded forum, fine temples, houses, and baths. Explore the old irrigation system unique to this area a 51 km long aqueduct joining Carthage to Zaghouane still stands in glory. This aqueduct is mesmerizing with its water temple at the natural springs of Zaghouane ostentatiously set over the hill to celebrate the importance all civilizations of the past have given to water especially Muslims who originate from the desert. Dinner and Overnight are in Kairouan.

Day 4: Kairouan Cultural and Historic Tour

After breakfast, you will meet your Tunisian local guide who will lead you to explore the marvels of the first Islamic city in North Africa. The morning is spent in Kairouan, with visits to the Medina and the Great Mosque (8th/9th century) and other examples of local traditional architecture. The immense colosseum at El Djem could hold 30,000 and is a remarkable sight, towering over its modern surroundings. The small museum nearby contains some exquisite mosaics. On your final night in Kairouan, you are invited to a farewell dinner in a traditional restaurant with live music to crown your cultural discovery tour of Tunisia.

Day 5: Tunis Airport

Transfer in time to Tunis Airport to catch your flight to your next destination. Thank you for your patronage. Goodbye for now, come back and visit us again on another Tunisia cultural tour.

What is included:

  • Services of local guides
  • Hotel taxes and service charges
  • Breakfast, and dinner daily
  • Fees to Monuments and Museums
  • Transportation in Deluxe vehicles
  • Excellent tour leader

Hotels Used:

  • 4 star hotels
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