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Welcome to our West Africa cultural tours for small groups and private expeditions. Senegal, one of most picturesque and enticing countries in West Africa is distinguished with its ancient history, natural beauty in contrast with sophisticated comfort to explore. Our cultural and adventure Tours to Senegal from Morocco traveling with a small group or in a private customized trip are an exotic way to discover the western regions of the Sahara desert and its mysteries. We cater to all active travelers who wish to discover the natural and human life in West Africa traveling to Senegal through Morocco and Mauritania overland. Senegal exotic colors and zest of life have attracted explorers since the dawn of time. it is a Sub-Sahara destination that combines the aridness of the desert with dense forests of the jungle. You will be visiting Senegal's vibrant cities and exciting markets from Saint Louis to Dakar, the region of Casamance, Fatick, Zikinchor, Tambakounda and much more on any of group tours. Our small group tours are indeed a complete package replete with cultural encounters and natural beauty. Senegal cultural and adventure tours offer a spectrum of itineraries beyond the scope of other tour suppliers selling tours to West Africa. Our active overland tours and expeditions to Senegal from Morocco offer you the best prices, budget for all, and the best West African experience. We guarantee the best cost for best overland tours to Senegal in 2021 and 2022. Check some of our goodwill sustainable eco-tours to Senegal traveling in a small group or private expedition. 2021/2022.

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Luxury Tours

Allaow us to introduce to you the best of Senegal history and culture with our Luxury escorted tours, discover our choice of Best luxury and boutique hotels, Restaurants and Palaces Senegal has to offer.


Explore in our natural and eco-tours walking, hiking, trekking untouched trails, horse back riding in breathtaking landscapes of West Africa from the Sahara desert to the rain forest. Discover our sustainable and responsible Senegal Ecotours at all budgets.


Enjoy Senegal cuisine by taking a cooking classes with Senegal renowned chefs to learn about the secrets of the traditional Senegalese staples, spices, preserves, medicinal herbs and condiments to enrich your life.

Spirituality in Travel

Here is another trend few can offer you to explore West Adrica. Another dimension of Senegal spiritual tours self growth by visiting venerated places with eminent stoics and Sufi Masters. Take a unique Senegal spiritual journeys and retreats you will treasure for a lifetime.

Events and festivals

Journey with us to visit special fairs of holy saints, Take our music festival tours of Saint Louis, trek the Atlas Mountains peaks to explore the magic of le Fannale fair, join an open air carnival of Dakar Gnaoua festival, Ramadan fasting month is an exciting time to discover another aspect of Senegal, Megouna rose festival with Native Drumming snf African Dance, and much more sustainable eco-tours to Senegal.

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