Mauritania Overland Group Tours

Discover the enchanting allure of Mauritania through our cultural and active tours. Immerse yourself in the Sahara Desert's daily life with our remarkable camel treks, offering an unparalleled journey into the heart of Mauritania. Embark on a group tour, a doorway to profound cultural encounters that will transform your perspective, particularly on our goodwill tours, exploring dramatic and untouched destinations. Join our small group tours or customize private FITs, guided by expert native Bedouin guides, providing an enriched travel experience through our cultural programs.

Exploring Mauritania is an odyssey into the romantic landscapes of the Sahara Desert. Traverse a piece of Sub-Saharan Africa distinct from the Sahara's reality—the diverse arid desert landscapes, an ocean of golden dunes, petrified forests, dramatic rock formations, lush oases, and rugged promontory cliffs meeting the Atlantic Ocean. Our expeditions evoke the adventurous spirit within you, leading you along untraveled camel caravan trade routes. Mauritania offers breathtaking diversity, vibrant desert life, and welcoming Bedouins and nomads with warm smiles and generous hearts. Explore Nouadhibou's colorful markets and Nouakchott, the capital, for an authentic taste of Sub-Saharan architecture and lifestyle.

Mauritania caters to the curious, adventurous, and savvy traveler with physically active and culturally rich expeditions, creating lifelong memories. It is a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering sustainable and goodwill tours beyond conventional itineraries. Join our trans-Sahara cultural tours, either in small groups or with a custom-designed private expedition. Mauritania stands out as one of the premier West African adventure overland expedition destinations. Additionally, we provide overland tours spanning Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin, Ghana, and more. Enjoy the best rates guaranteed for our Mauritania group tours and customized expeditions. Embrace the sustainable Travel to Feed Programs in Mauritania, a cause we passionately support from 2024/2025.

Mauritania Small Group Tours


Mauritania Group Tours or Private Expeditions and Treks

Luxury Tours

Discover the epitome of Mauritania's rich history and culture with our exclusive private luxury tours. Immerse yourself in opulence as you explore our curated selection of the finest luxury boutique hotels, exquisite restaurants, and majestic palaces that Mauritania has to offer. Experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication as you embark on a journey that seamlessly blends cultural immersion with the utmost in luxury accommodations and hospitality.


Embark on our Mauritania eco-tours, where you can walk, hike, trek pristine trails, and indulge in camel riding across the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Sahara Desert. Uncover the beauty of Mauritania through our sustainable and environmentally responsible eco-tours, catering to various budgets. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of this remarkable destination while contributing to its preservation with our green-focused adventures.


Indulge in Sub-Saharan cuisine through a cooking class led by esteemed Mauritanian chefs. Discover the secrets of traditional Mauritanian staples, desert spices, preserves, medicinal herbs, and condiments to add a flavorful touch to your life. Afterward, immerse yourself in the local culture with a relaxing sand bath, join music gatherings, or mingle with friendly locals in Mauritania. Experience the richness of Mauritanian traditions and flavors in a memorable culinary journey.

Spirituality in Travel

Discover a unique trend few can match—Mauritania spiritual tours that offer a distinct dimension of self-growth through visits to venerated places with eminent stoics and Sufi Masters. Embark on a one-of-a-kind Mauritania spiritual journey and retreats that promise experiences to treasure for a lifetime. Explore the spiritual richness of Mauritania with exclusive encounters that go beyond the ordinary, providing opportunities for personal growth and lasting memories.

Events and festivals

undertake on a journey with us to explore Mauritania's special fairs of holy saints, and join our tours to Tabaski, a significant event on the Islamic and Mauritanian calendars. Experience Diwali, celebrated annually in November by the Hindu community in Mauritania, symbolizing light triumphing over darkness and good prevailing over evil. Join in the joyous festivities that follow the religious rituals, featuring dancing, music, and dazzling fireworks, marking the arrival of spring in Mauritania.

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